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Alolan Raichu by Ikpoke Alolan Raichu by Ikpoke
Alolan Raichu • ライチュウ(アローラのすがた)
Dex No. 026 | Mouse Pokémon Electric/Psychic type
Height: 0.7m Weight 21.0kg
Surge Surfer
Habitat type: Forest/Water's Edge
Original Entry:

After nearly 20 years of research, scientists world wide had thought that they knew everything there was to know about RAICHU.  That was until the HPUL (Human and POKÉMON Unionization League) opened up travel to a new region named ALOLA.  It was there where it was reviled that PIKACHU could have a different evolution path and evolve into RAICHU's ALOLAN form instead of a normal RAICHU.  There are many differences between a typical RAICHU and an ALOLAN RAICHU.  For starters, while normal RAICHU are pure ELECTRIC type POKÉMON, ALOLAN RAICHU is both ELECTRIC and PSYCHIC type.  Due to this typing, ALOLAN RAICHU are able to wield psychic power.  ALOLAN RAICHU gather their psychic power into their tails and ride on them to float in the air.  The SPEED that ALOLAN RAICHU can move when floating on it's tail doubles when on ELECTRIC TERRAIN.  Like typical RAICHU, ALOLAN RAICHU have electric sacs on its cheek, but, unlike typical RAICHU, rubbing them releases a sweet aroma.  It is currently unclear as to why this occurs, but theory state that it may be linked to the PSYCHIC power that ALOLAN RAICHU possess.  What makes ALOLAN RAICHU special when compared to other Alolan variants is that researchers still don't know why RAICHU's form changed in the ALOLA region.  Despite this, the people of ALOLA seem unconcerned by this.  The best guess on record is that RAICHU may have eaten too many sweet and fluffy round pancakes.

This Pokemon's Evolutionary line:
  1. Pichu
    • Pichu
    • Pichu ☆
    • Spiky-Eared Pichu
    • Ukulele Pichu
  2. Pikachu
    • Pikachu ♂
    • Pikachu ♂ ☆
    • Pikachu ♀
    • Pikachu ♀ ☆
    • Surfing Pikachu
    • Flying Pikachu
    • Cosplay Pikachu
    • Pikachu Rock Star
    • Pikachu Belle
    • Pikachu Pop Star
    • Pikachu, Ph. D
    • Pikachu Libre
    • Ash-Pikachu (Kanto)
    • Ash-Pikachu (Hoenn)
    • Ash-Pikachu (Sinnoh)
    • Ash-Pikachu (Unova)
    • Ash-Pikachu (Kalos)
    • Ash-Pikachu (Alola)
    • Wizard Hat Pikachu 🔒*
  3. Raichu
    • Raichu ♂
    • Raichu ♂ ☆
    • Raichu ♀
    • Raichu  ☆
    • Alolan Raichu
    • Alolan Riachu ☆
*: Pokémon with "🔒" by them are bonus pokémon, that will only be drawn if a certain goal is reached on my Patreon. 

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